US, Israel fostering terrorism in region

The head of Strategic Research Center of the Expediency Council and advisor to the Leader has said the US and Israel have equipped terrorists with money and arms.

Ali Akbar Velayati said in an interview with the correspondent of the Second International Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims on Saturday, that Islamic Republic of Iran and the nation had been victim to terrorism, which had western support on its behind.

“Currently, Iran has succeeded to tackle the terrorism, and we see that the country is a cradle of peace and stability in the region; unfortunately, some countries in the region fall victim to the blind terrorism of extremist groups backed by the west,” Velayati added.

“Islamic Republic of Iran supports the legitimate governments of the region against terrorism; the US, Zionist regime, and reactionary regimes of the region actively support and equip terrorism with equipping them in arms and logistics, which helps extremist groups thrive in the region,” he added.

Velayati urged convergence of policies of countries victims of terrorism in coordinating collective battle against terrorism; “convergence of the resistance frontline is among Iran, Syria and Iraq; recently, all three foreign ministers met in a joint session to coordinate fights against terrorism; this is a sort of palpable action addressing the problem,” said the Leader’s advisor.

“Iran had been a target for terrorists since the outset; the Congress would be an excellent opportunity to expose the evil and inhuman face of terror; today, the most infamous and inglorious countries are those supporting terrorism inside Iran as their proxies for neocolonialism and expansionism.”

“Now the fact of terrorists' being an instrument of the hegemonic powers is too obvious; the organizers of the Congress should provide a comparative image of the attempts in Iran to defeat terrorism and what actually happens in the region to provide a better image to the world as a model to fight terrorism,” Velayati proposed.