Terrorists behind 1981 explosion are at large in Europe, US: Leader

Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said the terrorists who carried out the attack on Iran's MPs and high-ranking politicians 34 years ago are free and active in Europe and the US.

Addressing the families of the June 28 martyrs, he also said those who try to cover up draculan face of the US with media make-up are betraying the nation.

Ayatollah Khamenei hailed the contribution of martyrs and said the country requires vigilence and insight on enemies to confront them in the soft-war theater, the leader.ir website reporter.

Following the 28 June 1981 terror attack, he stated, the true face of direct culprits of this massive crime was betrayed and the same terrorists after a while defected to Saddam and allied with him against the Iranian and Iraqi nations.

'The same people who committed the June 28 crime, are now freely active in Europe and US and keep meeting their officials and are even provided with speech opportunities on the issue of human rights.'

He stressed the necessity to indentify the enemy and said, 'The nation should be ready to understand the depth of the enemy's enmity and to counter it in the soft-power theater including cultural, political and social scenes.'

The Leader also said the nation is in debt to martyrs and their families and those who deny this fact, are strangers to the nations' interests even if they hold Iranian national identity documents.