“State Terrorism” exhibition at the Iranian Majlis

Organized by Habilian Association, the “State Terrorism” exhibition was hosted by Iranian Parliament (Majlis).

The event was officially opened with the presence of Iranian Parliament speaker, Dr. Ali Larijani, Habilian Association’s Secretary General, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad and a number of Iranian Parliament members.

Aimed to review different aspects of US State sponsored terrorism, the event included topics covering a wide range of issues from a review on US government’s structure, deviated cultural characteristics of the United States and the colonial goals of its founders, an introduction to some Think Tanks that influence the US foreign policy, militarism (US military interferences all over the world since WWI until now) to wars and lies (the wars that US politicians started with lies), crisis point (September 11 lie and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan under the pretense of war on terror), violation of US citizens’ rights and spying on them with the excuse of National Security issues, export of terrorism ( US terrorist operations across the world) and the enemy of people ( US government’s terrorist operations against Iranian people).

Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei says: “We have certain proofs today that show the US government has supported the terrorists operations that have occurred in Iran and in the region. We will disgrace the US government with these documents; we will reveal the true nature of these so called terrorism fighters and Human Rights supporters to the whole people of the world, though they have not much honor left in the world.”

The Parliament members believed the exhibition was useful and efficient and emphasized on continuing such efforts.