Basirat Exhibition at Misaq Hotel of Mashhad

Aimed to review various topics including deviations of Hojjatieh Society and the State Terrorism, the exhibition was held by Habilian Association in Misaq Hotel of Mashhad.

Some new contents provided in this exhibition included titles such as: The Great Middle East plan, freedom land, supporters of the Jewish, a total cold war, US military interferences up to the end of 19th century, US military interferences since the start of the second world war, US government’s birth during the Qajar era and invisible soldiers hunting KSA.

Some other posters were presented in this exhibition with contents on: Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, supporting Saddam Hossein, cultural cold war, attacks on Iranian oil platforms, terror booklet, democracy terror, Pentagon’s direct role in managing tortures in Iraq, Nowje coup, silent victims, the big lie of Afghanistan war and the gift of democracy

US National Security, Patriot Act, Tempora project and US government’s intelligence dominance on its citizens were among other topics raised during the event.

Some high ranking officials of the ministry of science including Dr. Seyyed Zia Hashemi, Dr. Hasan Mirzaei and Dr. Freydoun Rahim Zade were among the visitors of the exhibition.