Habilian exhibition at the University of Mazandaran

A 7-day long exhibition was held by Habilian Association at Mazandaran University.

The materials presented to the students in the exhibition included various topics such as Hojjatieh Society's deviated thought, Hojjatieh at service of Savak(Shah regime's intelligence service), Imam Khomeini and Hojjatieh Society, Hojjatieh after victory of Islamic Revolution, Hojjatieh and Mujahedin e-Khalq organization's common beliefs, Hojjatieh and spread of separation of religion from politics, Wilayat e-faqih from Hojjatieh Society's point of view, answers to Hojjatieh's deviated beliefs, Hojjatieh's recruitment methods.

Another part of the exhibition covered topics relevant to another deviated cult; the Baha'i. The topics included: Baha'i cult's founders' thoughts, Baha'i cult's close ties with Shah's regime, Baha'i cult's relations with UK and Israel, the cult's services to western intelligence systems, moral and intellectual perversions of Baha'is, recruitment methods of the cult, etc.

Holding specialized sessions, playing relevant documentary films and introducing other deviated cults were other parts of the event.

At the end, some relevant Habilian products including Rahnama monthly were provided to the visitors.