Martyr Ramezan Sha’abanzade

Name: Ramezan Sha’abanzade

Date of Birth: 1958

Place of Birth: Alo village

Date of Martyrdom: January 26, 1982

Place of Martyrdom: Amol

Martyr Ramezan Sha’abanzade was born in 1958 in a remote village. He finished his preliminary studies in his hometown and continued his studies up to the third year in high school. He lost his father while he was still a teenager, thus he had to study at nights and work as a farmer during the day.

Encouraged by one of his teachers, Ramezan started studying religious books and acquired some information about the brutal Shah regime. Before the Islamic Revolution, he used to participate in anti-Pahlavi regime protests actively.

After the Islamic Revolution was established, as Imam Khomeini had commanded, Ramezan Sha’abanzade started serving the poor people and then he joined the IRGC and was dispatched to Kurdistan. Inspired by this Quran Verse: “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; and those who are with him are strong against unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other.”, he used to treat the ones who supported Imam and the Revolution kindly and at the same time he was very strong against those who opposed the Revolution and Islam.

He was very patient against the troubles he faced and was very well aware of his duties. Ramezan admired Ayatollah Beheshti very much.

Ramezan Sha’abanzade was finally martyred in the fight against the anti-revolution rioters who attacked Amol.