Martyr Akbar Fasli Darzi

Name: Akbar Fasli Darzi

Date of Birth: 1955

Place of Birth: Amol

Date of Martyrdom: January 26, 1982

Place of Martyrdom: Amol

Martyr Akbar Fasli was born in 1955 in Amol. He finished his third grade in high school and then left school to start working as a shop worker. He then moved to a confectionery store for work. Akbar was very good tempered towards his family and other people.

Martyr Fasli was very active in pre-Revolution protests and rallies. After the Revolution, he served at Kurdistan region for 6 months as a soldier. He fathered a girl and his other baby was born 6 months after his martyrdom. Akbar Fasli used to help the poor and he really loved Imam Khomeini. The night before his martyrdom, he decided to join his brother comrades and fight the rioters who had attacked Amol but his wife stopped him and said you couldn’t fight them without a weapon. Early in the morning, Akbar went to fight the rioters and started building a trench in the middle of the street. He had not yet finished building the trench when he was shot and martyred.