Martyr Hamidreza Izadi

Name: Hamidreza Izadi

Date of Birth: 1959

Place of Birth: Shangaldeh

Date of Martyrdom: January 26, 1982

Place of Martyrdom: Amol

Martyr Hamidreza Izadi was born in 1959 in Alikola village of Amol. He continued his studies up to the 4th year in high school. Hamidreza was very influential in building his hometown’s public library. After building the library, he spent most of his time studying books and guiding others.

He used to participate in anti Shah regime rallies before the victory of the Revolution. He also played a critical role in mobilizing his co-villagers to support the Revolution. After the victory of Revolution, he continued his efforts to promote people’s insight to the importance of their Revolution.

He spent all his valuable life in Islamic activities and didn’t stop sacrificing for Imam Khomeini and Islam. He also used to hold religious sessions in his hometown to make the villagers aware of their tasks and duties in defending the Islamic Revolution. One of his characteristics was that all his friends were among the poor people.

He always prayed for Imam Khomeini in his prayers and asked God to shorten his lifespan and lengthen Imam Khomeini’s lifespan.

When rioters attacked Amol in January 26, 1982, he and his friends were there to defend the city. Hamidreza Izadi was martyred in that battle. Before his martyrdom, he had asked his friends to lay him to rest at his hometown.

A part of martyr Izadi’s testament reads:

“I advice my wife to follow Zeinab’s (daughter of Imam Hussein) path and present our child to Islam. O my lord! Accept my martyrdom in the path of Islam and Quran as I answer the call of Hussein (P.B.U.H) and Imam Khomeini. I will defend my leader and my nation to the last drop of my blood. My dear parents! Don’t expect me to come back. I was waiting for martyrdom and I have now achieved it. I will be waiting for you in heaven. Gift every single one of my brothers to Islam since they are gifts from God, given to you.”