Martyr Hematollah Matoo

Name: Hematollah Matoo 

Date of Birth: 1960

Place of Birth: Ghalekesh village

Date of Martyrdom: January 26, 1982

Place of Martyrdom: Amol

Hematollah was born in 1960 in a remote village named Ghalekesh in a poor religious family. He took his diploma degree in mathematics in 1981. Before the Revolution, he used to spread tapes and books that conveyed revolutionary contents.

Hematollah Matoo and his friends established the Sajjadieh library of Ghalekesh. He joined the Islamic Revolution’s Committee and continued his activities. After Imam Khomeini ordered the formation of Basij, he organized his own neighborhood’s Basij station and after a while Hematollah and his friends joined the IRGC. He was also present at the fight against rioters in Gonbad and Kurdistan.

After the Iraqi imposed war on Iran started, he rushed to battlefields and after two months, when he had just come back from the war, he joined his martyr friends when fighting the rioters who had attack innocent people in Amol city.

A part of Martyr Matoo’s testament reads:

“And reckon not those who are killed in Allah’s way as dead; nay, they are alive (and) are provided sustenance from their lord”: Holy Quran.

I am Hemmatollah Matoo, son of Qanbarali, born in Baqbankola Qalekesh village. During my childhood, I always wondered who has created this complicated word with such great order. After some research, I found God exists. After studying the battles and sacrifices of the soldiers of Islam in its early years, I started to love martyrdom and on the other side, started to hate the materialistic life. Because people with pure materialistic views only think of favoring their own interests and thus they are capable of killing thousands of innocent people.

As we can see in Palestine, Lebanon and Afghanistan such people have no defined purpose and so they live in confusion. This is why I found Islam as the greatest doctrine and asked almighty God to help me remain loyal to Islam until the end of my life.

Today, we must pay much attention to the Revolution and our leader, since he is the righteous deputy of Imam Mahdi (P.B.U.M). He is such a great man that my tongue and my pen can’t even describe him. I can just mention that he has no purpose but to promote Islam. Follow his every order and sacrifice your lives to protect him if needed. My other advice is for you to always read Quran carefully and think about what it means. Invite others to join on this. Never forget to enjoin righteousness on the people and stop them from conducting wrong. And the other thing is about Hypocrites, which is not a new event. They have existed since the early years of Islam. Show no mercy to them and be strong against them. I have always waited for a convoy moving towards God to take me with it.”