Rand Paul: We armed ISIS in Syria

Senator Rand Paul said the US government is arming the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists.

Speaking to the CNN's State of the Union program, Republican Senator Paul said, "they (ISIS) would not be in power in Iraq, if we were not providing safe haven in Syria by arming their allies."

He claimed that the US government armed the terrorists in Syria, adding "we have been fighting alongside al-Qaeda, fighting alongside ISIS." ISIS is now emboldened in two countries.

The Kentucky senator went on to highlight a contradiction in the US policy towards terrorists.

"We are with ISIS in Syria, we are on the same side of the war. So those who want to get involved to stop ISIS in Iraq are ally with ISIS in Syria."

Paul added that the ISIS terrorists could pose a threat to the United States.

Asked if the US can stop them, Paul said "we shouldn't have armed them". He added that the US should be involved in Syrian and Iraq civil war.

"My prediction is that Maliki will stand up and Shiites will stand up, that ISIS will not be able to take Baghdad."