Arutz Sheva urges Tel Aviv to support MEK terrorists

The Israeli news media Arutz Sheva has published an Op-Ed in which it has urged the Zionist regime "not to step back" and help the Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorists in Iraq.

It adds that an Iraqi militia, AAH, is just moments away from destroying what he called "the only hope the Iranian people – and the world – have to develop a real peace between nations," referring to the MEK terrorist group.

The similarity of the claims to those of the MEK and its western backers were to the point that it said, Camp Liberty "is a detention center" where 2900 members of the "Iranian Resistance" are living.

"Camp Liberty is a concentration camp where the residents have been abandoned by the US, the United Nations and its Iraqi envoy Martin Kobler," said Rudy Guiliani addressing an MEK gathering in Paris on June 2013.

Arutz Sheva said that "by standing to one side," Israel risks allowing another "potential ally" fall by the wayside, adding that by stepping back and letting AAH to finish off the Iranian Resistance in Iraq, Israel would be sacrificing a future friend in favour of a future enemy.