Larijani slams big powers for spreading extremism in region

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani blasted the big powers for their key and leading role in the ongoing extremist activities and violence in the Middle East.

“The policies of the world powers during the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the manner of dealing with the Syrian crisis have paved the way for the spread of extremist moves in the region and practically helped to the growth of such currents,” Larijani said in a meeting with Head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Mexican Senate Gabriela Cuevas Barrón in Tehran on Monday.

Elsewhere, the Iranian parliament speaker pointed to the influential role of parliamentary ties in the consolidation and expansion of friendly relations between Iran and Mexico, and said, “Cooperation between the Iranian and Mexican legislatures can be very effective in promoting the level of friendly transactions between the two countries in different areas.”

Cuevas Barron, for her part, pointed to the cultural commonalities of Iran and Mexico, and said, “Mexico is willing to expand its friendly relations with Iran, specially in economic, cultural and scientific fields.”

Earlier today, Barron and her accompanying delegation met with Head of Iran-Mexico Parliamentary Friendship Group Hossein Amiri, where both officials voiced their capitals' willingness to explore new ways to enhance all-out relations.

Amiri said that Iran attaches special importance to the expansion of ties with Latin American countries, Mexico in particular.

He urged increased consultations between the two countries to make use of abundant capacities in the energy field.

Amiri called on the two countries' high-ranking officials to prepare the ground for the development of economic and industrial relations between Tehran and Mexico City.

Cuevas Barrón, for her part, said the old civilizations of Iran and Mexico could act as a base for enhancement of political, economic and cultural relations between the two nations.

She underlined the importance of parliamentary relations between Tehran and Mexico City in different areas, saying the two countries enjoy abundant capacities in energy sector and auto making industry that should be given due attention to help promote mutual cooperation.