'Certain regional countries supporting blind terrorism'

Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri, head of the Supreme Council of the Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought (FPIST), made the remark in a meeting with Dmitri Safonov, head of Interfaith relations Section of Russia’s Orthodox Church, adding that Western countries, especially the US, spread violence and terrorism in the region.

He praised Russia’s stances vis-à-vis regional issues, especially the Syrian issue, hoping that relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia would further develop and strengthen.

Ayatollah Taskhiri stressed that Iran and Russia are of the same view on Syrian issue and believe that the solution to the crisis should be a Syrian-Syrian solution.

Former secretary general of the FPIST said Iran condemns terrorism in all its forms but certain regional countries back terrorism and seek chaos in the region.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Ayatollah Taskhiri referred to the long-time ties between Muslim and Christian scholars of Iran and Russia and hailed the 20th anniversary of the creation of a joint committee of Moscow Orthodox Church and Iranin scholars.

Dmitri Safonov for his part said the bilateral ties between Iran and Russia are based on mutual trust, hoping that the two countries’ relations would further expand.

He also extended condolences over the recent terrorist attack against the Iranian embassy in Beirut which led to the martyrdom of a number of Iranian citizens, including Iran’s cultural attaché in Lebanon.

Safonov urged that everyone, including Muslims and Christians should take a stand against such acts of terrorism.