Iran Pres. calls on Int'l community to combat terrorism, extremism

Iranian President Hassan Rohani called Sunday on the international community to combat terrorism and extremism, describing them as the real threat which affect the world, especially the peoples of this region.

The Iranian leader made his remarks during a meeting with Syrian Prime Minister Wael Al-Halqi, adding "the region suffers from two major problems terrorism and extremism, and everyone must be ready to confront them."

President Rohani pointed out that the most dangerous terrorists are those inside Syria, adding that "terrorism and extremism will constitute a threat to the whole world, especially the peoples of this region."

He also noted on extensive efforts made by his government to prevent the war in Syria, adding "Syria can pass this phase with minimal losses and without a war and that the government and the Syrian people wisely knew how to alienate major powers from a pretext to wage war on their country."

President Rohani mentioned actions taken by Iran in consultation with neighboring countries to minimize the suffering of the Syrian people, stating that "the Islamic Republic of Iran has asked all neighboring countries to make efforts to reduce the human suffering."