'Terrorism a tool at the hands of imperialism'

An Iranian university professor described terrorism as “a tool at the hands of imperialism, specifically the United States.”

Dr. Naser Senobar, a faculty member at Tabriz University, whose paper titled “Investigation of fundamental theories explaining terrorism” won the first place among 287 papers submitted to the 1st National Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims.

Following a report by Russia Today that indicated the number of terror victims in 2012 has doubled compared to 2011, Habilian Association conducted an interview with Dr. Senobar to shed some light on the issue.

The United States declared itself pioneer of the world war against terrorism after 9/11 and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan with the pretext of fighting terrorism. However, we are witnessing the increasingly terrorist operations in various countries around the world, especially in Middle Eastern countries. Why do you think the United States has been unsuccessful in suppression of terrorism?

With respect to different investigations and articles published after 9/11, I consider the analysis that the US has started the war against terrorism after 9/11 attacks is a fraud and a deceit. Terrorism has been created as an efficient economic weapon and tested during the past decade and it is now being applied effectively. The ones who use this weapon declare themselves as pioneers of fighting terrorism in their media. What I announce is based on studies conducted by unbiased western researches. For example I can name a book titled “Terror Economy” which was written 3 years ago by an Italian writer. The writer discusses in her book that terrorism is today a tool at the disposal of imperialistic system specifically, the United States which is using terrorism in favor of its imperialistic goals. She and other researchers who believe in the same theory argue that the achievements of conductors of terrorism are much more than their costs. A terrorist action would ultimately take a bomb and a suicidal agent that could be bought. In other words, they gain much with just a little expense and the victims are of no value to them.

These measures are deniable using media tricks and if the achievements are not considerable, they can deny their involvement with just a statement. With regard to my studies and published works of western researches I can say that terrorism is today a tool at the hand of imperialism specifically, the United States. But the U.S. is not the only user of it and there are other groups that apply this tool.

In their reports, western countries announce most of the victims of terrorism have fallen victim to Al-Qaida and Al-Qaida led operations. As the US declared goal of occupying Iraq and Afghanistan was destroying Al-Qaida, why is Al-Qaida's power is increasing?

I refer again to the book I mentioned before. The book's writer and other researchers like her have a theory that Al-Qaida is created and raised by the US. This Italian writer has some evidence indicating a major part of America's black profitable business like sell of weapons, money laundering, contraband and all other black business that is profitable to the US economy is achieved through the development of terrorism. That is why they have created and expanded Al-Qaida very cleverly the way they can deny their support for the terrorist group whenever necessary. We should know who benefits from the expansion of terrorism and then we reach to the conclusion that all the organizations executing terrorism are acting in favor of the interests of the main beneficent.

So how do you see governments' role in expansion of the evil phenomenon of terrorism?

There are signs that indicate this weapon which is specifically tested in the past decade, is gradually tempting other governments to use it along with the rest of their conventional weapons. This indicates a very dangerous future. Especially, if the ethical governmental system allows use of terrorism, there is no logical reason to dissuade them from using that effective weapon to achieve their goals. Based on the predictions of recent theories explaining terrorism, we must expect fast and daily increasing expansion of terrorism. Probably different governments will try to test this new weapon.