Iraq warns EU not to support terrorists

Head of the Iraqi Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee warned EU countries of their relations with the fugitive Iraqi vice president and the Mujahedin-e Khalq organization.

Sheikh Humam Hamoudi made the comments during a meeting with EU ambassadors in Baghdad.

He emphasized that if they keep their relationship with convicted people like Tareq al-Hashemi and the terrorist MKO group, they will have no cooperation with their European counterparts.

Tareq al-Hashemi, found guilty in absentia of running death squads targeting Shia pilgrims and sentenced to death by an Iraqi court, attended a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels in mid-October “at the invitation of the EU,” as described by the office of Hashemi.

Describing the EU’s hosting of Tareq al-Hashemi as a big mistake, MP Khalid al-Asadi told NINA news agency that it is “a clear disregard to the Iraqi judiciary, which had issued a decision against the convicted Hashemi and sentenced him to death for his involvement in terrorist operations”.

In 2009, MKO was delisted from the European Union’s list of terrorist organization. The group is based in France and its members are freely moving in the European countries, holding anti-Iranian rallies and pushing the west to increase pressure on Iran.