UN seeks help to relocate MKO members outside Iraq

In a statement released on Wednesday, the UN Secretary General said this organization is “launching a Trust Fund initiative to cover costs relating to the relocation process” of the MKO members at Camp Ashraf.

What follows is the full text of the statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on Trust Fund to support the relocation of Camp Ashraf residents outside of Iraq:

The Secretary-General is committed to resolving the situation faced by the former residents of Camp New Iraq (Ashraf) – now residents of Camp Hurriya (Liberty) –- in accordance with international human rights and humanitarian standards.

He has taken note of the letters and other expressions of concern over their well-being and safety, from parliamentarians, political figures, civil society groups, and private individuals.

Energies should be focused urgently now on the relocation of the residents of Camp Hurriya to safe and secure locations outside of Iraq. This is the only durable and sustainable solution. While the Secretary-General welcomes the generous offers by Member States that have enabled 240 out of the 3,174 individuals to settle outside of the country, it is essential to pick up the pace of the relocation. The Secretary-General calls on other Member States to follow suit and to offer residents the opportunity for safe relocation.

In this connection, the United Nations is launching a Trust Fund initiative to cover costs relating to the relocation process. The Secretary-General appeals to Member States to contribute to this Fund.

The Secretary-General reiterates the continued responsibility of the Government of Iraq to ensure the safety and security of the residents during their stay in Camp Hurriya.