Iraqi people's sovereignty will annihilate MKO

Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad called Mujahedin-e Khalq a terrorist group which is moving fast on the road to annihilation under the sovereignty of people of Iraq.

In a meeting with a number of Iraqi intellectuals, authorities and scholars from Baghdad and Diyala province, Habilian Association's Secretary General, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, stated the United States and some reactionary states in the region are afraid of close ties between Iranian and Iraqi nations and said, “Differences between two neighbor countries are very natural, but a dictator like Saddam and his Ba'ath party imposed an 8 year long war on both nations with a false territorial pretext and caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people in both countries, creating a 30 year long separation between the two nations.”

Habilian S.G. mentioned taking hold of own abilities and properties as the secret to success of the region's countries and added, “Despite the Islamic Republic of Iran has been under the most severe pressures after the Islamic Revolution, an 8 year long war and various brutal sanctions imposed on the country, it is still standing against the six world powers, its scientific growth rate is eleven times more than the global average and its economy is ranked 22nd in the global rankings.”

Hasheminejad expressed his satisfaction of Iraqi people's significant role in their country's developments and said “It is not desirable for the US and some countries in the region that Iraqi people have taken the main role in ruling their country. It is observed today that as the role of the people in Iraq increases, the terrorist groups are getting more isolated. The MKO grouplet is an example of terrorist groups that was able to act freely during the Saddam era and even during the US invasion of Iraq, but as the Iraqi people are gaining back their power, the MKO is more limited and we see today their bases in Iraq are being removed.”

Dr. Zoheir Mohammad Ali, Arabic language professor at the University of Baghdad and producer of political programs at Al-Forat, Mohammad Saleh al-shammari, Head of the Diyala Province’s Foundation of Martyrs, Sadegh al-Zobeiri, head of Association of Dyiala's political prisoners, Dr. Rashid Sa'adoun, professor at Dyiala University of Iraq and Dr. Qasem Ismael Mahdi, expressed their satisfaction of the meeting and expressed their views and ideas about the regional and global situation and pointed out the deep cultural connections between Iranian and Iraqi nations.