MP: MKO’s crimes must not be forgotten

Two Iranian parliamentarians emphasized on the necessity of introducing the costs of Islamic Revolution, like crimes of Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, also known as MKO) against Iranians.

Appreciating Habilian Association's efforts, Hujjatoleslam Pejmanfar and Hujjatoleslam Dr.Bahraini, two Iranian Parliament members who represent people of Mashhad and Kalat, emphasized on fighting against new terror tactics in a meeting with Seyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, the Secretary General of Habilian Association.

MP Pejmanfar referred to the Mujahedin-e Khalq organization (MKO, a.k.a MEK and NCRI)'s acts of sabotage at the early years after the Islamic Revolution and said: "The MKO hit serious blows to the Islamic republic after they fled Iran as well as when they were still inside the country. The terrorist group had serious planning for its acts of sabotage like what took place on March 4, 1981 (Esfand 14, 1359 in the Iranian calendar) and unfortunately the then president of the Islamic Republic, Mr.Banisadr, played in MKO's puzzle.

He also stated that MKO's crimes should be recited for the new generation and said: "We shouldn't let a part of the Revolution's history which is about MKO's atrocities be forgotten. We should remind our children and the young of what MKO has done to our people. We should suggest the Ministry of Education to bring some of the atrocities conducted by terrorist groups such as MKO in educational books. Also in the universities, a review on the crimes conducted by the terrorist and deviated groups must be considered for teaching as a course.

Pejmanfar continued with a warning that fighting against terrorism and the MKO shouldn't be limited to the past and added: "We should have a look on the future and not be satisfied with just recitation of history. The terrorist crimes conducted against the Islamic republic must be a lesson for the future."

Hujjatoleslam Pejmanfar referred to character assassination as a more harmful kind of terrorism than physical assassination and said: "In a section of history, both physical and character assassinations have occurred simultaneously. The MKO is very capable at character assassination which is more harmful than physical assassination. Before martyr Ayatollah Beheshti was physically harmed and assassinated, his character at the society was attacked and hurt. The same process is continuing today and the majority of character assassinations taking place today are traced back to outside the country's borders but unfortunately there are people inside the country who also try to destroy the credibility and reputation of some people."

Hujjatoleslam Dr. Bahraini stated that the hidden costs of the Revolution must be revealed to the new generation and said: "Showing what costs we have paid for the Revolution to take place is among Habilian's most important functions. The Revolution has hidden costs and the people who were at its heart have witnessed them. But the new generation is no more familiar with such costs which can't be ignored."

At the end he pointed out how costly the assassination of impressive people could be and said: "Assassination is important since the people who are targeted are known and very much impressive in their society. For example, In the case of nuclear scientists' assassinations during the past few years, the targeted scientists were of very much value and their assassination was very costly."