Iranian Comdr.: MKO resorts to dirtiest acts to prove its existence

Commander of Basij Forces said Iran is among the countries which was heavily attacked by the terrorists during the recent decades.

“Now the world can see, through documented facts and figures, that Iran is a victim of terrorism and the way Western protégés target innocent civilians,” Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naqdi said, referring to the National Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims.

The 1st National Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims, organized by Habilian Association in collaboration with various organizations, is going to be held on August 31 in Tehran. By bringing together experts across the country and all around the world, the one-day conference intends to provide a platform for exchanging ideas that will help to examine different aspects of terrorism, terror groups, and a bunch of relevant issues and to honor the victims of terror in Iran and pay tribute to the families left behind.

He made a reference to the Western mainstream media and said they are trumpeting their false and baseless claims and feeding the people around the world with their groundless stuff.

Without a shadow of doubt, Naqdi added, Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK, a.k.a. MKO and NCRI) and those countries supporting the group-let have trained terrorists to reached their goals.

Calling on all authorities to help the organizers of the 1st National Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims, Naqdi noted, “we shouldn’t just sit around and do nothing and wait for the international reaction to the assassination of Iranian scientists, scholars, and government officials.”

“It’s quite obvious; they will go on with their own path without heeding this issue.”

Describing the MKO as a defeated and frustrated group, Commander Naqdi said, “MKO is like a person whom cancer is spread to all his organs.” “It can only breathe, and lacks power to do anything. It resorts to dirtiest measures to prove its existence.”

In the end, expressing gratitude to all the organizers of the Congress of Terror Victims, Naqdi reiterated that organizing Congresses like the National Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims will honor the memory of those who fell victim to the terrorist acts and will recount the crimes and animosities of the MKO for next generations.