Iraqi official: Iran and Iraq both victims of MKO

Holding conferences like the National Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims is of high importance per se, since they demonstrate the depth of the crimes of the terrorist groups against innocent civilians, said head of the Diyala Province’s Foundation of Martyrs.

The terrorist groups commit human rights violations under various titles, and organizing Congresses on martyrs plays an important role in informing the public opinion regarding this issue, Mohammed Saleh al-Shammari told Habilian Association.

He also made a reference to the Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist group, saying the terrorist MKO group backed the former regime’s killing of Iraqi people.

Referring to the discovery of memorial stones engraved with the names of high ranking Baath party officials and Al-Qaeda terrorists, al-Shammari said, “After the fall of (Saddam’s) regime, the group seconded al-Qaeda terrorists.”

Earlier in 2012, governor of Iraqi district Khalis announced the discovery of a memorial stone in Camp Ashraf inscribed with the names of some high ranking Ba’ath party officials and Al-Qaeda terrorists.

“Holding conferences like the Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims in Iraq will draw the global attention to the crimes of MKO against Iraqi people,” head of the Diyala Province’s Foundation of Martyrs noted.

He added that the media, photo exhibitions, panel discussions, and conferences play a pivotal role in introducing the martyrs of terror.

Al-Shammari went on to mention that 13000 Iraqi civilians fell victim to the terrorist operations since past decade, concluding that the common ground between Iran and Iraq is that they are both victims of the MKO group.