Advanced cell phones found in food shipment for Camp Ashraf

An Iraqi official has revealed that 80 advanced cell phones were discovered in a consignment of food destined for Camp Ashraf, MKO’s former paramilitary base.

“Held the Camp Ashraf-bound shipment for inspection, Iraqi security forces discovered these advanced cell phones,” said Uday al-Khadran, governor of Iraqi Khalis town, during a press conference, Habilian Association reported on Monday.

Camp Ashraf is the former paramilitary headquarters of terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, a.k.a. MEK and NCRI), in which they used to live for nearly three decades. Some 3100 of them have been relocated to Camp Liberty near Baghdad International Airport, and nearly 100 others still remain at their long-held base. The relocation follows a deal between United Nations and the Iraqi government to expel the MKO members out of the country.

In late May, the acting Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs at the US State Department told a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee that although U.S. officials have worked hard to persuade the MKO’s leadership to cooperate in the departures, "very few have been allowed to move."

The US State Department official responsible for Near Eastern affairs appealed the group for cooperation.

Al-Khadran said the secret transfer of these mobile phones reveals the fact that they were intended for illegal purposes.

The governor of Khalis called on the government of Iraq to pursue an investigation on the issue.