‘MKO on the verge of collapse’

Habilian Association’s Secretary General has said that the departure of 14 MKO members for Albania is the beginning of the terrorist group’s collapse.

Seyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, Habilian Association’s Secretary General, referred to the Albanian government’s asylum offer to MKO members and said, “MKO’s ringleaders tried so hard to postpone their expulsion from Iraq using their Zionist lobbyists and advocates.”

“But the collapse of this terrorist group is inevitable due to the Iraqi laws and also the international laws, so their efforts have led to nowhere,” he added.

Hasheminejad reiterated, “it can be seen now that despite all MKO leaders’ efforts, they have not been able to achieve their desired results and the terrorist group’s collapse has started.”

Habilian SG continued, “Albania, as well as some other states, has agreed to receive 14 members of the terrorist group and they are now being relocated.”

He said the Albanian government’s agreement to receive these MKO members is based on international laws and agreements between the United Nations and Iraq.”

At the end, Hasheminejad referred to this relocation as the starting point of the terrorist group’s disintegration which would finally lead to the destruction of the festering tumor.

Albanian Prime minister had made an announcement that he would offer asylum to 210 member of the MKO, currently living at a former U.S. military base near Baghdad. He had said the offer was made for “humanitarian reasons”.