Iran disbands two terrorist groups

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry says it has identified and disbanded two terrorist groups that smuggled weapons into the country.

In a statement released on Monday, the Ministry said, “The enemies of the nation have intensified their destructive activities and [are] making arrangements for different types of seditious acts ahead of the upcoming … election.”

The Ministry has managed to “identify and neutralize a number of enemy plots and scenarios” as it had been monitoring the moves of enemy agents and therefore made necessary preparations to counter them, the statement added.

“Among the most recent plots uncovered by the [Intelligence] Ministry was the smuggling of a large cache of light weapons into the country."

After intelligence and security work, two terrorist groups behind the transfer of weapons into the country from its western and eastern borders were identified and disbanded, the statement said.

It said that the groups were transferring a considerable number of different weapons, including pistols and grenades, into central parts of the country when they were quickly identified and arrested in Kermanshah and Sistan-Baluchestan Province and their arms were also confiscated.