Habilian exhibition at Hamidieh garrison in Ahwaz

Habilian Association organized another exhibition in Samen ol-Aeme Hamidieh garrison of Ahwaz with the purpose of introducing two deviated groups: Baha’i cult and Hojjatieh Society.

The event reviewed the establishment process of the both deviated groups and their ideological and practical drifts. Visitors welcomed the information provided to them.

The exhibition included a variety of issues covering some unknown aspects of the Baha’i cult with a glimpse on: “Baha’i cult’s background, Ali Mohammad Shirazi’s gaffes, some Baha’i believes, permission to marry one’s own sister or mother in the cult, distortion of truth, Imam Khomeini’s opinion about the cult, the cult’s stance on the Israel-Arabs war, Jersey of Baha’i, etc.

Hojjatieh Society was also reviewed in detail. Establishment of the Hojjatieh, their leaders’ intellectual deviations, Hojjatieh-Savak relations, Hojjatieh’s financial documents, recruitment techniques of the group, were among the topics covered durig the event about Hojjatieh Society.

A special place was dedicated for the visitors to watch relevant videos. Books, bulletins and some other Habilian products were also provided to the visitors for further details about the topics raised in the exhibition.