Basirat exhibition at Jamalodin Asadabadi high school of Mashhad

Aiming to enlighten the public mind on the nature of deviated anti Islamic republic groups, Habilian Association arranged a Basirat exhibition at Seyyed Jamalodin Asadabadi high school in Mashhad.

The exhibition included some posters with topics such as: a review on Mujahedin e-Khalq organization (MKO, a.k.a MEK and NCRI) history, MKO and the Ba’ath party, MKO’s propaganda techniques, MKO’s inner-ethnic relations, their role in the post 2008-election riots, an introduction to PJAK’s deviations and terrorist acts, etc.

A part of the exhibition was exclusively dedicated to introduce the MKO terrorist group which included some beneficial and valuable information on MKO’s eclectic thoughts and various shameful aspects of Mssoud and Maryam Rajavi lives. The exhibitors were also provided with details on MKO’s brainwashing techniques, MKO’s inner courts and mandatory divorces in the cult.

Another part of the exhibition was considered to introduce the terror martyrs assassinated by the MKO. Biographies of Shahid Beheshti, and the rest of martyrs assassinated by the MKO in a bomb explosion at the Islamic Republic party office, were exclusively presented to the visitors in this part.

Some videos of MKO’s secret meetings with Iraqi Ba’ath party and their crimes were played in another part of the exhibition.

The exhibition also covered some other topics such as the post 2008-election riots and the performance of the so called ‘Green Movement’ leaders. Biography of martyred nuclear scientists was also another part of the event which was welcomed by the exhibitors.

Habilian staff were also there and explained more about the topics raised in the exhibition and answered the questions raised by the students.