Exhibition on Hojjatieh Society and Baha'i cult held at an Islamic school in Mashhad

Located in Mashhad, Islamic Razavieh School of higher learning, also known as ‘Jamiat ol-Razavieh’, hosted the 2-week exhibition organized by Habilian Association, representative of 17000 terror victims’ families.

The purpose of the exhibition was to have a look at the deviant Baha’i cult and Hojjatieh Society’s backgrounds and records which included some various issues from the establishment of the both cults to their intellectual and practical deviations.

The topics discussed during the event regarding Hojjatieh Society included: “intellectual deviations of Sheikh Mahmoud Halabi (founder of Hojjatieh Society), the Society’s statute and their propaganda techniques, Hojjatieh and the June 5, 1963 uprisings in Iran, their relations with Savak, Imam Khomeini and his attitude towards Hojjatieh Society, Hojjatieh and the victory of the Islamic revolution, Martyr Mofatteh and Martyr Rajaei’s attitudes towards the deviant group, common intellectual grounds between Hojjatieh Society and the terrorist Mujahedin e-Khalq organization, and their behavior towards the Iraqi imposed war on Iran.

Baha’i cult was also reviewed in detail with some posters conveying information on topics such as: a review on the Baha’i cult founders’ thoughts, the close ties between the Baha’i cult and the Shah’s regime, their relations with the UK and the Zionist Regime, the cult’s collaboration with the western intelligence services, their moral and intellectual deviations and the cult’s recruitment techniques.