Great Basirat exhibition at Vali-e Asr University of Rafsanjan

On the third anniversary of Iranian national day of Basirat, an exhibition with the same title was held in Vil-e Asr university of Rafsanjan city, aiming to inform the students on the nature of hypocrite and anti Islamic republic movements.

The exhibition was organized by Habilian Association, a human rights NGO comprised of Iranian families of terror victims, and presented many posters with details on new and old hypocrisy, the ‎intellectual and ‎ideological perversions of Hojjatieh Society (a deviant branch of Shia Islam founded in 1953 by Shaikh Mahmoud Halabi) and Bahá'í cult, along with a history of treasons and crimes conducted by the Mujahedin e-Khalq organization against the Iranian nation and their role in 2009 post-election riots in Iran.

Introduction of terror martyrs, MEK’s inner-ethnic relations, MEK’s financial supporters and their advocating techniques, MEK’s crimes against the Iraqi nation, confessions of MEK members detained in Ashura riots, and different aspects of the ‘Green Hypocrisy’ were other topics reviewed in the 7-day exhibition.

Other products provided by Habilian Association included related software, books and brochures containing detailed information on the raised topics in the exhibition.