Basirat Exhibition at northeastern city of Mashhad suburb

Following a series of exhibitions organized by the Habilian Association (families of Iranian terror victims), a Basirat exhibition was set up in a Mashhad suburb, the region called Tabadkan. An education office housed the 6-day exhibition.

The prime motive to hold this exhibition was to review the bitter events that took place following the riots after the 2009 presidential elections in Iran.

“Green Hypocrisy” was the name chosen for this specific exhibition aiming to provide accurate details on what the Green rioters sought, what they believed, their interactions with terrorist groups such as Mujahedin e-Khalq (MEK), etc. More than a hundred posters were used to fully achieve this purpose.

Other topics raised in the exhibition included: a visit by the Green leaders to the house of an MEK agent, their mourning for terrorists, the Monarchists support for Mousavi, Clear support of the so called most intellectual reformist woman (Zahra Rah Navard) of the MEK, and a review on the confessions by the detained Green rioters.

At the end, the exhibitors were presented with some Habilian products including: the Rahnama monthly, related books, bulletins and brochures.