Basirat Exhibition at Mashhad international expo

Following a wave of Habilian Association's Basirat Exhibition across the country, the human rights NGO kicked off the exhibition this time at the International book fair in Mashhad.

The seven-day exhibition featured some 2000 posters regarding the innocent Iranian terror victims, the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, also known as MKO and PMOI), Hojjatieh Society, and Baha’ism.

The visitors were introduced to some of the terror victims murdered by such notorious terrorist groups as MKO, Jundallah, and PJAK.

They had the opportunity to watch relevant films; i.e. the films recorded by the hidden cameras of Iraqi intelligence service showing the leaders of MKO having meetings with the Iraqi Baath officials.

In a part of the exhibition, the visitors found information concerning the ringleaders of the MKO and their eclectic Islamic-Marxist ideology.

Complex brainwashing methods and ideological revolution in the terrorist cult of Rajavi, in which married couples were forced to divorce, self-immolations, MEK intelligence-gathering operations on behalf of Israeli Zionists and the United States were among the other parts of the exhibition.‎