Martyr Hojjatollah Khademi

Name: Hojjatollah khademi

Date of Birth: 1969

Place of Birth: Baqlouje village

Date of Martyrdom: August 1, 1989

Hojjatollah Khademi was born into a religious family in Baghlouje village near the town of Qorveh in Kurdistan province, western Iran, in 1969. There, he grew up and went to school until he finished the elementary school. The lack of higher education in his neighborhood made him leave his school and work alongside the rest of the family on the farm.

After the call of great leader of the Islamic Revolution and as a young man, Hojjatollah Khademi hurried to the war fronts of the Iraqi imposed war on Iran.

After a few months of fighting against the blind hearted MKO terrorists and other traitors to the Islamic Revolution, Khademi was finally targeted and martyred by MKO terrorists in western operational areas on August 1, 1989.