‘Zionist regime put MKO at its forefront against Iran’‎

Habilian Association Secretary-General said the removal of MKO from the US blacklist bears no effect ‎on families of Iranian terror victims’ struggles to seek vengeance against the terrorist group.‎

Seyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad made the remarks in the opening ceremony of the Basirat ‎Exhibition at Imam Reza University.‎

The exhibition held by the Habilian Association, provided the academics and university students with ‎some unknown aspects of terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq organization.‎

Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad noted that the MEK delisting from the U.S. list of Foreign ‎Terrorist Organizations is only a small portion of U.S. and other Western countries’ contributions to the ‎enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding “This measure brings more freedom to MKO on the ‎international stage.”‎

Referring to the black record of MKO terrorists, Hasheminejad stated, “The grouplet has been openly ‎supported by some U.S. politicians, although it’s been listed as a terrorist organization since ‎‏1997‏‎.”‎

Son of late Hasheminejad referred to the allocation of ‎‏400‏‎ million dollars by the United States to stir up ‎a revolution in Iran, and said “the members of MKO formally go to the US congress, and US ‎congressmen supports the group.”‎

He went on to say that hidden aspects of US and Israeli intelligence services’ cooperation with the ‎MKO revealed after investigations, and five US officials acknowledged that the close collaboration was ‎in line with the assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientists. ‎

He added that the United States intends to reveal its connections and cooperation with MKO group in ‎order to legally continue its hostility against Iran.‎

Hasheminejad noted the removal of MKO from US terrorism list has “no effect on the families of ‎terror victims’ endeavors to seek vengeance.” “The issue can be legally pursued and we will pursue it ‎more forcefully.”‎

‎“Although MKO has been listed as a terrorist entity since ‎‏1997‏‎, the US made no arrest of its members ‎when it had direct control of Iraq and MKO’s camp,” he added.‎

Referring to MKO’s role in ‎‏2009‏‎ post-election riots as another example of the group’s violation of ‎human rights, Habilian Association’s Secretary General said, “Since the Zionist regime fears direct ‎confrontation with Iran, it put the organization at its forefront.‎

Finally, he emphasized that considering Iran’s regional and international power, neither MKO nor Israel ‎can achieve their goals in this country.‎

The exhibition also presented visitors with a history of violence and terror in Iran, a comprehensive ‎study of torture methods and violent behavior in MKO group, Masoud Rajavi’s years of treacheries, ‎and the brainwashing methods in his terrorist cult.‎

Moral corruption of the MKO members at Camp Ashraf, MEK’s treasonable acts during the Iraqi ‎imposed war on Iran, massacre of Iraqi Kurds and suppression of Iraqi uprisings against former dictator ‎of the country in northern and southern parts of Iraq.‎