Martyr Mohammad Hasan Sepahi

Name: Mohammad Hasan

Date of Birth: December ‎‏7‏‎, ‎‏1962 ‏

Place of Birth: Sangar district, Rasht

Marital Status: Single

Date of Martyrdom: June ‎‏16‏‎, ‎‏1981‏

Place of Martyrdom: Taleghani St., next to the Rasht Museum

In ‎‏1962‏‎ in Sangar, Sepahis’ fifth child was born, they named him Mohammad Hasan. He passed his ‎school years in his birthplace. Due to his passion for Quran, Mohammad Hasan used to participate in ‎Quranic sessions.‎

Mohammad Hasan was ‎‏16‏‎ years old at the time of Iranian anti-shah protests in ‎‏1970‏s. He was studying ‎Electronics in Rasht, when he participated in the anti-shah protest rallies. After the Islamic Revolution in ‎‏1979‏‎, Mohammad Hasan joined the Islamic Revolution Committee as one of the pioneers of this ‎committee. After a while, Mohammad Hasan joined the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in Rasht.‎

With the invasion of Saddam Hussein on Iran in ‎‏1980‏‎, Mohammad Hasan went to the war fronts in ‎northern Iran and fought valiantly against the Iraqi Ba’athist troops. ‎

Being a thorn in the eyes of Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorists, Mohammad Hasan Sepahi was finally ‎assassinated by the blind hearted MKO terrorists when he was on Taleghani St. next to the Rasht ‎Museum on June ‎‏16‏‎, ‎‏1981‏‎.‎