U.S. bids to resettle MKO in Israel

Sources say that terrorist MKO group's leader, Maryam Rajavi, along with other high ranking members of the terrorist group had a meeting earlier last week to explore ways to convince the European countries to accept the members of the terrorist group who are being held at Camp Ashraf and Liberty.

According to a report published by Habilian Foundation website, Arabic language Nahrain News Agency quoted informed sources as saying that the grouplet leadership contacted the U.S. embassy staff (suspected CIA agents) to help them find a new place for their resettlement.

“The United States is trying to persuade some European countries, including Bulgaria and Romania to take in some of the elements of the terrorist MKO group,” the sources added.

The sources disclosed that Maryam Rajavi has demanded the embassy of Zionist regime in Paris to accept a number of MKO elements in the Israeli-occupied territories; however, Tel Aviv has so far shown no reaction to it.