Zionist lobbies forcing Europeans to accept sheltering MKO terrorists

Ringleaders of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCR) have resorted to Zionist lobbies to find a European host after their expulsion from Iraq.

According to a report by the Persian-language Neday-e Haqiqat (the Voice of Truth) website, the official in charge of MKO Foreign Commission M. Mohadethin has so far held several meetings with different Zionist communities and lobbies in the US and the EU, including JNFA (The Jewish Federations of North America), AIPEC(The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and INSS (Institute for National Security Studies) and these organization's Arab affiliates, demanding special attention and aide to the MKO.

Despite support for the MKO among the US and European officials and parliamentarians, the terrorist cult has so far failed to find a shelter for its members in the European states.

UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Protection recently said the main reason why most world countries do not accept to shelter members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization is that they know the terrorist group would harm their national security.

Erika Filler made the above remarks during a meeting with an Iraqi deputy foreign minister at the UNHCR's headquarters in Geneva.

Yet, Filler said that the UNHCR will do its best to convince countries to shelter the MKO in their countries.

Iraq's deputy foreign minister, for his part, reiterated his country's call for the immediate expulsion of terrorist group from Iraq.