Israeli media urge Romney to render stronger support to anti-Iran terrorists

The Israeli media urged Mitt Romney to give a louder voice in support of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (the MKO, also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCR), which has been blacklisted by many world states, including the US, as a terrorist organization.

After a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll found that more than half of American respondents trust US President Barack Obama to manage international issues better than his Republican rival, Governor Mitt Romney, the Israeli media have been trying to persuade both candidates to take a tougher line against Iran. Yet, the Israeli media support for the MKO is more because of the terrorist group's prominent role in aiding the Israeli Mossad in assassinating Iran's nuclear scientists.

Haaretz in a commentary sought hard to provoke Romney to make him voice support for the MKO terrorist group, saying, "With the US presidential election in full swing and just a third of respondents voicing confidence in his leadership on global matters, Mr. Romney's failure to draw sharp distinctions on foreign policy may cost him needed votes in November."

The Zionist daily then tried to portray Iran as a major threat, which needs tougher reactions from the US than what is now being exercised by Obama.

"President Obama's carefully cultivated reputation for not flinching on matters of national security isn't borne out by his ongoing diplomacy with Tehran. The US president's reluctance to support the Iranian opposition and his willingness to allow nuclear talks to drag on without tangible results leaves him open to criticism from the American right. It also leaves him vulnerable to claims that the White House is in over its head on the nuclear issue," Haaretz said.

"Romney can capitalize on Obama's mismanagement of the Iran problem, but his message to the American electorate must be clear: Only a conservative is equipped to manage the Iran threat," it added.

"The Romney camp's recent expressions of support for terrorist groups fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad's government should now be followed with a similar approach to the Iranian opposition's Mojahedin-e-Khalq or MKO," Haaretz said.

A bi-partisan group of US Congressional leaders and former lawmakers have already expressed support for the terrorist group. Conservatives have been among MKO's most vocal advocates.

Then, the Zionist daily asked Romney to go to Paris to show his support for the terrorist MKO. The members of the terrorist group will be gathering in Paris this weekend, on June 23.