Muslim nations’ problem: lack of leader like Imam Khomeini

Dr. Saleh, professor at Kirkuk University, said that all the Muslim nations know Imperialists are at one side and Muslim nations at the other, but the biggest problem of these nations is lack of a great leadership like Imam Khomeini.

A group of Iraqi elites, tribal leaders, political and social figures of Basra, Amarah, Najaf, Babel and Nazareth along with a number of Iraqi Turkmens met Habilian Foundation Secretary-General.

“The world has seen many dictators so far, each toppled in different ways,” said Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad. “The world has yet to see the dictatorships whose subordinates are found to be satisfied with them.”

“Take for example, deposed Shah of Iran and Saddam in Iraq,” he added.

Referring to the two countries’ relationship during the past 40 years ago, Habilian Foundation Secretary-General noted, “Although Saddam tried to create a schism between us and you, the two countries have finally came together following the fall of Iraq’s dictator.”

“We are the biggest enemy of America for 32 years, and we are always proud of this. But in contrary look at the Saudi Arabia and how it is cooperating with Israeli regime. They showed their ugly faces in the case of Gaza and Palestine.”

Hasheminejad pointed to the failed presence of United States in Iraq and added that its presence in Iraq was not intended to build friendship and develop the country.

Iraqi people have chosen something totally different from what Americans wanted, for instance, the Constitution and Electoral Law.

“We hope to have proper interaction, according to the abundance of capacities between the two nations.”

“European countries are setting aside their differences,” said Hasheminejad, adding “they are moving to establish one Constitution.”

“There are many hostilities in the Mideast, whereas Europeans have resolved their border disputes many years ago,” added son of late Abdolkarim Hasheminejad. Unlike the Islamic instructions, many people in the Middle East are seeking to create schism and hostilities among nations, groups, and individuals.”

“By looking back at the history,” added Hasheminejad, “we find out that most of the conflicts and problems of the Mideast have been imposed from outside.” “Colonialists want to split us due to their selfish desires.”

“Islamic Revolution was the beginning of the unity in our country and it was very difficult for our enemies to see Iran as the symbol of unity in the region. Thus, they started to break this unity.”

In the first step to shatter the unity in Iran, said Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, “they launched an attack on us by one of their agents, Saddam Hussein, in order to both take out peace from Iran and create discord between Iran and Iraq.”

“Then, the enemies of Iranian nation embarked on a widespread use of terrorist groups.” “At the same time that Saddam launched attack on Iran, they used Mujahedin-e Khalq. “This terrorist grouplet assassinated countless Iranians, including the top authorities and the common people.”

“Iranians’ enemies have used the Mujahedin a lot, assassinating innumerable people, but Iranian people managed to stand against the conspiracies and defeated the Munafeqin (MEK) in the primary years of the Islamic Revolution.”

Hasheminejad went on to say that after the collapse of Saddam’s dictatorial regime in Iraq, many terrorist groups entered the country with the help of United States for the purpose of perpetrating crimes among the Iraqi people.

He then made reference to the MEK’s role as a terrorist group, adding “Munafeqin have carried out many crimes in Iran and Iraq and the people in both countries really abominate them.” “In spite of the Iraqis’ persistence in the expulsion of the group members from Iraq, Americans want to keep them in Iraq just for two reasons:

1. Americans know how dangerous MEK is, so they do not want them along their people.

2. Americans use them a lot.

Another speaker at the meeting, Dr. Saleh, said that all the Muslim nations know Imperialists are at one side and Muslim nations at the other, but the biggest problem of these nations is lack of a great leadership like Imam Khomeini.