‘US sole concern is return of regional countries to religious gov't’

“U.S. politicians are afraid of the recent events in the region; as a result, they have put Islamophobia and Iranophobia on their agenda,” said Habilian Foundation Secretary General during a meeting with a group of 72 Iraqi Shiite citizens.

“There are many similarities between glorious Islamic Revolution in Iran and recent events in Iraq,” said Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad during the meeting, adding that these similarities are due to the fact that both our people and Iraqis have brought down the taghut of their time in order to build a country based on the Islamic values and principles.

“Those enemies, who had been feuding with us for three decades,” said Hasheminejad “are now enemies of other neighboring nations and Iraq.” “Though, they always call themselves Iraqi people’s friend, they have tried to rise to power their favorite dictatorship in this country.”

He went on to say that they are also trying to keep Bahrain and Saudi Arabia dictators in power.

“Fortunately, people in the region recognize U.S.’s deceptions, prominent example of which is the people in Egypt.”

Hasheminejad said the United States’ sole concern in the regional countries is “return to a religious government.” “U.S. politicians are afraid of the recent events in the region; as a result, they have put Islamophobia and Iranophobia on their agenda.” “They have put all their efforts together to have more hegemony in the region,” he added.

“Over the years, Americans have put all their efforts to prove that the countries of the region will not go anywhere without their (U.S.) desired democracy, while our country has achieved much progress during the last years.”

Referring to the assassinations of (Iranian) nuclear scientists by common enemies of both countries, son of late Seyed Abdolkarim Hasheminejad said you see nuclear scientists are being assassinated in our country, and they are not allowed to study in Western universities, and this is also happening to your country’s elites.

Hasheminejad then asked the group of Iraqis, “why the plethora of terrorist groups are bombing and killing Iraqi citizens?” He himself replied, “To comply with U.S. demands.”

United States crimes similar to Saddam’s

U.S. posing as a human rights defender is inconsistent with the facts, he said, adding that we should not ignore the United States’ barbaric behavior and hostility, which they are doing (against Iraqis) like Saddam.

He then pointed to the U.S. assertions regarding the spending millions of dollars in Iraq and said, U.S. assassinated 2000 Iraqi scientists, with its costly presence. “If they spent 20 percent of the money in improving the country, this country would have been more progressed and prosperous rather than a center for terrorists.”

Notorious terrorist groups such as Mujahedin-e Khalq who are being supported by the U.S., have assassinated 12000 Iranians and 25000 Iraqis so far. Upon their arrival in 2003 in Iraq, Americans supported them instead of pulling them apart.

He then raised the question that why the terrorist cult is being backed by the United States, and answered that the reasons behind the support are too obvious. “That is because this terrorist cult is doing well the U.S. policy in Iraq which is creating dissension and hostility in Iraq.”