Habilian SG: MKO a snake in the grass

In a meeting with Olivier Fink, The Second Secretary of Embassy of Switzerland in Iran, Hashemi Nejad called MKO a snake in the grass and a deceitful terrorist group which consistently changes color in order to buy support.

According to Habilian Foundation (Families of Iranian terror victims), in this meeting held at the embassy of Switzerland in Tehran, Secretary General of Habilian Foundation called MEK a snake in the grass and a deceitful terrorist group which consistently changes color in order to buy support.

Pointing out the fact that Iran has been the biggest victim of terrorism worldwide, Hashemi Nejad added: The western backed terrorist groups have so far killed over 17000 innocent people in Iran out of which over 12000 brutally assassinated by Mujahedin- e Khalq terrorist organization (aka MKO, MEK, PMOI, NCRI, NLA, Rajavis’ cult…).

Referring to the reports by the international bodies about MKO he also said: MKO is a very deceitful terrorist cult with very complicated manipulation system; the fact which is confirmed by many authorized international reports such as the one by RAND Institute in 2009 and even the US Department of State reports resulting in MKO’s being kept in the US foreign terrorist organizations list.

Hashemi Nejad criticized the western powers’ double standards towards the issue of terrorism and said: listing a group as terrorist in one hand and clandestinely supporting it on the other hand shows the western countries ‘double standard in facing terrorism.

I‘ve been to Switzerland several times and on my first trip in 2006 MKO was listed as terrorist by the European Union. I was shocked to see that in spite of being officially known as terrorist, MKO held gatherings in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva and freely set up camps in there while having MKO flags in their hands. I could also see their elements going in and out of the UN building without any difficulties. And today the same terrorist group is doing the same while holding gatherings in front of the UN and UNHCR headquarters and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva with the same flags and slogans. The big deal is that today they are out of the EU list. This is exactly what I witnessed in Britain and several other European countries that being inside or outside the terrorist list has no impact on their activities.

Secretary General Habilian Foundation warned about the MKO deception capabilities and said: MKO acts like a snake in the grass and changes color whenever it deems necessary; the fact which is stressed on in the reports by many accredited international institutes such as RAND and Human Rights Watch. In one of these reports provided by RAND referring to reports of international institutions such as RAND and the watchdog Human Rights of the deception the terrorist it is highly emphasized that MKO is an expert of deception and that during Iraq Invasion in 2003 how the MKO leaders deceived the then US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, and caused him support them.

They have also managed to buy support from many other US former officials and top political figures. Distinguished figures like Rudy Giuliani, Howard Dean, Michael Mukasey and Newt Gingrich are paid to run speech in favor of the MKO in their gatherings around the world. This way MKO is up to pressure the US Secretary of State in order to delist them and on the other hand stir waters between the two countries of Iran and the US which already have serious tensions. As a matter of fact MKO tries to worsen the relationships between Iran and other countries and make their position radical towards Iran. Therefore and taking into consideration the hatred of Iranian people concerning the MKO, these overt and covert supports by the US political figures would draw a picture in Iranians minds as if the US is supporting our enemies.

In this meeting, Olivier Fink, the Second Secretary of Embassy of Switzerland in Iran sympathized and expressed heartiest condolences, in his part, over the loss of those who had lost their lives in terrorist operations and declared his country’s position strong condemnation of terrorism in all types and wherever it happens. He also announced: Switzerland has always been a neutral pro-peace country and the last time it was involved in a tension refers back to the sixteenth century.

Fink counted out the reasons based on which a group is listed as terrorist as legal and political and expressed hope that the terrorist groups won’t be removed from the terror list.

Fink pointed to the US policy toward the Islamic Republic of Iran Fink also said: It is true that we represent the US in Iran; but this is not to be meant as if we are defending their policies. The point is that we play the role of a channel for conveying messages between the two countries.

Second Secretary of the Embassy of Switzerland in Iran appreciated the families of terror victims’ concern over the consequences MKO removal from the US terror list and gave assurance that he would pass Habilian documents and concerns to the US Department of State.

He also expressed hope for further engagement of governments in order to get rid of the tensions in relations which falls in line with rooting out the evil phenomenon of terrorism.