‘US, Zionists undoubtedly involved in terror acts against Iran’

Former Director of the PLO's Planning Bureau says the United States and Zionists were undoubtedly involved in the post-revolution terrorist attacks in Iran.

“Since the early days of the victory of Islamic Revolution, I have been following the news of terrorist activities against the revolution and its leaders,” Mounir Shafiq said, adding that the U.S. and Zionists were, indubitably, involved in terrorist activities over the past three decades since the Islamic Revolution.

The comments were made at last week’s meeting between Mounir Shafiq and Seyed Mohammad-Javad Hasheminejad, Habilian Association Secretary-General, in Tehran.

The Palestinian strategist added that there has been a massive Arab plot against Iran, especially at the time of Iraqi imposed war on Iran.

“Many efforts have been made by Iran to support the [Palestinian] resistance, whereas the Fatah leaders pursued compromise and signed the Oslo Accords,” he added.

Shafiq underscored in the end that the Palestinians have always had a common feeling with Iran, and they see Iran as “a strong backup force.”