Defected members warn France of Rajavi’s cult

A group of former Mujahedin-e Khalq members wrote a letter to French Interior Minister Claude Gueant warning him of the cult’s presence in France.

The text of the letter is as follows:

Honorable French Interior Minister


We are a group of separated MEK members who have spent 20-30 years of our lives with Massoud and Maryam Rajavi in Iraq. But after observing the inhumane, undemocratic and cultic measures of this organization we succeeded, by undertaking great risks, in escaping from Ashraf camp and were able to take refuge with the US forces and for the past 3 years we have resided in France. We have also observed the MEK leadership’s terrorist threats even in France and consider this a huge danger for French society.

Respectfully, we would like to inform you that according to messages received from our friends who participate in MEK programs (gatherings and ceremonies and etc.), the cult leaders have decided, as is the custom each year and as in previous years, to organize a large ceremony in the month of June, and they have begun their preparations from now. This ceremony is scheduled to take place on 23rd June in Ville Pinte Hall. There is no doubt that holding such a ceremony will cost them hundreds of thousands of Euros, and if we add to that the cost of all the banquets pertaining to this ceremony as well as the cost of inviting tens of American and European politicians, each one of whom, as they have confirmed, receives 25 to 50 thousand dollars as well as the cost of their hotel and transport and food which are all paid for in addition to their participation fee, so by simple calculation we can reach an astronomical amount of money which will be spent on this ceremony.

We know, according to the documents and evidence published and broadcast in You Tube and tens of other sites, that the leadership of the MEK as a result of terrorist and security co-operation have been receiving astronomical amounts of money as well as money from Saddam Hussein - a huge amount of which has been transferred to Europe - and in this regard we should refer to the millions of dollars gained from trafficking and smuggling Iraqi oil and petroleum and the money laundering which the MEK have undertaken in Europe and the US. But today there are ambiguities surrounding us and we ask ourselves, after the fall of Saddam Hussein and during the past 9 years, based on what financial resources have the MEK succeeded in holding hundreds of small and large ceremonies in Europe, especially in France?

Honorable officials and the authorities of the French Ministry of the Interior

Surely you know, much better than us, that during the past two years many large ceremonies as well as tens of smaller programmes have been organized and carried out by Maryam Rajavi in France (apart from hundreds of other programmes which they have organized in the US and in other European countries). Without any doubt for each one of those ceremonies tens and hundreds of thousands of Euros have been spent, and in fact organizing all those meetings, ceremonies, conferences need millions of Euros. According to authenticated documents and evidence, hundreds of European students or homeless people or asylum seekers from Afghanistan and other countries have participated and have been paid 30 to 40 Euros each to enlarge the MEK demonstrations and meetings for MEK propaganda purposes, and they have also been paid well to come to Paris to participate in those programs - such expenses can be added to the other expenses which were mentioned above.

In addition to the money laundering that the MEK formerly perpetrated in Europe, this anti-democratic cult is capable of carrying out terrorist missions as well as their capability in brainwashing people (tens of self-immolations in Paris and other European cities by the direct order of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi). Should the French government not be more vigilant and impose greater control? Is it really clear how Maryam Rajavi gains money for organizing all those meetings and conferences and where her financial resources lie, and when the MEK operatives urge and beg people for financial aid on their own websites, how are they capable of spending hundreds of thousand Euros for each gathering and meeting?

According to the news, which some American figures have exposed, some MEK members have been specially trained to kill and assassinate and they have also allegedly participated in killing and assassinating the Iranian scientists. This is a warning signal for France that French youth may also be attracted to them. Surely, the presence of the cults like the MEK without being controlled and watched by the government will be severely dangerous for France and European countries.

With kind regards,

Some of the former MEK members residing in France