Iraq’s signature gathering campaign to bring MKO to trial

A campaign has begun to collect 1 million signatures from Iraqi people to try the MKO members who have committed crimes against Iraqis and to throw others out of the country.

According to a Tuesday report published by Habilian database, the Association of Justice to Defend Iraqi Victims of MKO declared that the first stage of the signature gathering campaign in Diyala province is finished with a total of 40000 signatures.

Dr. Nafie Isa, SG of the Association of Justice, told Habilian's reporter that the result of the process in other provinces will be announced and made public in the coming days.

Owing to the people's significant participation, the executive committees of the campaign in other provinces expressed the need to publish more signature forms for the signatories.

Hitherto, many university professors and school teachers, young people, university students, tribal elders, politicians, artists, women, and civil society activists in Diyala province have signed the campaign.

Earlier this week in a similar move, several people from Diyala expressed their displeasure over the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK, also MKO and PMOI) terrorist group’s presence on their territory by installing signboard along the roads of the province.