Iraq's HR ministry raps al-Iraqiya for supporting MKO terrorists

The first reaction to the partial statements of al-Iraqyia bloc in favor of the Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist group comes from Iraq’s Human Rights ministry.

Human Rights Ministry's spokesman Kamil Amin said that the relocation of MKO members to Camp Liberty in Baghdad takes place under the supervision of the United Nations, Habilian Foundation database reported.

When asked about the supports of al-Irqiya bloc from Mujahedin—e Khalq terrorist group, Kamil Amin said that their stance is political, adding “they’d better give priority to the people of the country.

Speaking to an Iraqi news agency, Kamil Amin underlined that the new camp (Liberty) is a good place as UN confirmed and the group was aware of the conditions before their move.

“The new location is according to humanitarian standards and al-Iraqiya’s claims are political,” he added.

Earlier this week, al-Iraqiya bloc spokesperson regardless of MKO’s crimes against hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians voiced his support for the terrorist cult and described them as Iraqis’ guests, IRNA quoted him as saying.

The Iraqi people have so far staged so many rallies against MKO presence on their soil.

Finally the Iraqi government responded to the people’s call and decided to evacuate the terrorist cult's headquarters, Camp Ashraf, in northern Iraq. In this regard, the government of Iraq signed a MOU with the UN on 25 Dcember to temporarily transfer the Ashraf residents to a former military base and they are due to be expelled from Iraq right from this camp (Liberty).