MKO consented to tent-dwelling

In order to prevent the expulsion of MKO members from Iraq and being transferred to Camp Liberty which culminates in the collapse of her cult, Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist group’s ringleader Maryam Rajavi begged the US to let them live a temporarily nomadic life on the Jordanian side of the border instead of their temporary relocation to Liberty.

Maryam Rajavi proposed on Saturday to temporarily move to Jordanian border instead of Camp Liberty, the largest US military base evacuated after the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq, Habilian reported.

According to the report, following the finalization of their relocation from Camp Ashraf to Liberty, the process of their refugee status determination will be done individually, that is to say that they have the ability to decide for themselves, which leads to the collapse of Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist organization.

In mid-February some 397 MKO members while being barred to carry their stuff were relocated to Camp liberty.

Meanwhile, the cult’s leadership tries her utmost to prevent her terrorist cult from being disintegrated. In this regard, she has proposed another place in which they can transfer all the members as well as their belongings which “were provided for terrorist services rendered by supporters in Iraq (Saddam Hussein), Saudi Arabia, America, and elsewhere,” as Paul Sheldon Foote, a professor with California State University Fullerton, puts it.