Jewish journalist: Israel, MKO killed Iran scientist

Jewish journalist, Richard Silverstein, said that today's assassination of Iran's nuclear scientist was a work of Mossad and MKO, and described Israel's recruiting terrorists for such terrorist ops in Iran as "shameful acts by a shameful Israeli government".

Mashhad (Habilian) - “Today’s murder was the work of the Mossad and MEK, as have been a number of previous operations,” wrote Richard Silverstein according to his “confidential Israeli source”.

He also made reference to other assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists and stated that the method recalls another series of assassinations that occurred of Fereidoun Abbassi Davani (who was seriously wounded) and his colleague Majid Shahriari (who was killed). Today’s killing occurred two years to the day after the assassination of another scientist, Masoud Ali Mohammadi.

Silverstein wrote that the United States is inherently involved because of "extremely good" relations between the US and the Iraqi Kurds, Zionist Jerusalem Post newspaper reported.

Silverstein went on to say that these assassinations “accomplish nothing”, adding that  “it doesn’t fundamentally harm Iran’s nuclear program.”

“It doesn’t deter Iran or its scientists from pursuing the research and whatever scientific goals they may have,” wrote Silverstein.

In the end he described Israel's exploiting (MKO) terrorists for such terrorist ops in Iran as “shameful acts by a shameful Israeli government”.

An Iranian university professor and nuclear scientist was killed in a terrorist bomb blast in a Northern neighborhood in Tehran today morning, Fars news agency reported.