'MKO Cooperating Israel': Arrested Spy in Lebanon

Arrested on charge of spying for Israel, Mohammad Ali Husseini, the phony delusional Lebanese cleric who claims to be more qualified than Seyyed Hasan Nasrollah to lead the Lebanese revolutionary forces, has revealed that the MKO (Mujahedin Khalq Organization) has been spying for Israel in his confessions, Habilian Association database reported.

In his latest court session held recently, “Mohammad Ali Lobnani” who was arrested by Lebanese army on charge of spying for Israel, referred to other aspects of MKO spying for “Mussed” and said: ”It’s been for so many years that the MKO is collaborating with the Israeli intelligence services and I am aware of this collaboration.”

Below is the conversation between the court’s judge and the so called cleric:

Judge: “You were contacted via a specific number after returning from Belgium and this connection lasted for 4 months.

Mohammad Ali Husseini: “I have a certain agreement and a direct connection with the MKO and the chief of their political committee and this number belongs to him.”

Judge: "This number is from Belgium and belongs to Mussed, what is your explanation of this?”

Mohammad Ali Husseini: "I am in touch with Mohammad Alizade, one of the MKO officials, but it was not proven to me that the number belonged to Mussed.

Judge: "You were also contacted by a number from England in 2008 which belongs to Mussed.”

Mohammad Ali Husseini: "This number belongs to the MKO.”

Judge: "Do you think there is any connection between MKO and Mussed?”

Mohammad Ali Husseini: "Yes. This group has been working with Israel for years and it has had wide collaborations with Mussed.”

The spurious cleric’s records

Mohammad Ali Husseini is a hardliner supporter of MKO who was arrested last May after one year of investigations on charge of spying for Israel. He is widely popular in the western media because he usually takes a hard line against Hezbollah and Iran. He had declared that he had formed the “Arabic Islamic resistance” with 1500 armed forces to fight Israel but the pictures released from these forces in the internet show just 5 men in different figures!

During the Iraqi army presence in the Ashraf camp, Husseini referred to this presence as an assault. Condemning the so called assault, he named the killed people martyrs and also called for supporting the Khuzestan separatists!

As reported by Lebanese press, his multiple travels to European countries and his suspicious phone calls had alerted the Lebanese security organizations. He was under observation by the Lebanese security office, the army intelligence service and the Hezbollah’s intelligence service for one year. Ultimately the Lebanese army intelligence forces arrested him in his apartment last May.