Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (20)


Let us come back to the main point. The country's authorities were aware of the intentions, goals and methods of the Organization. Therefore, they declared that political activities could be done, as far as they were not in group, for what endangered society after the victory of the Revolution was the lack of unity and solidarity among its various classes.

Everyone was aware of this reality. This criterion was acceptable to both students and people but not to the group which could not place the interests of society and the Revolution above their own selfish ones. The hypocrites could not openly state this polarization, segregation, and discord between the various forces. Therefore, they resorted to tricks and directed their forces in the schools not to reveal their group activity.

Thus they presented themselves to school authorities, members of a Muslim group feigning no special attachment dependence. But the authorities were aware of such pretension and reacted accordingly. All at once, the school forces was instructed to prepare placards, manifestoes and similar propagation means to claim that the government intended to use suppression, seize freedom and establish a dictatorship.

To avoid prejudice, we will give the details of the lines adopted in connection to schools in 1979 when the hypocrites claimed to support the Revolution and Imam and to be in conflict with America: «It is to penetrate the forces following the line of Imam, to promote discord and opposition between them, and to enable us to promote our line as much as possible. »

You know that this policy was the basis and axis of the hypocrites' move in society, since they constantly made use of the liberals' influence in society and disagreement which existed between the liberals and those following the line of the Imam. In short, their very life and existence depended on the opposition and differences which existed among others.

One of the ways of promoting these goals was to separate congregational prayer lines, dinners and sports of their own from those of the forces following the line of the Imam. Their explanation: «As we do not accept you as the Imam of the Congregation, we cannot pray with you. As you do not perform militia exercises, we do not share your exercises. » In this way they actually prepared the ground for the separation of the forces.

Another of their methods was to take part in every form of debate, even though they ignored whether it was political or otherwise. The purpose was to make their presence felt. They joined the schools' discussions even though they could not answer the questions raised. However, this gave the students the impression that the supporters of the hypocrites were very active.

They blamed every deficiency and difficulty on the guardians and the schools' authorities and they then declared that these people had no competence to solve problems. So you see what methods they used to question the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic authorities. You all know that a society which has had a revolution needs much time to wipe out all former royalist elements, and solve difficulties and problems.

Now in our society with all its problems, these opportunists argued that all the difficulties stemmed from the authorities. It would not be out of place here to mention another of their hypocritical attitude.

If you remember, the Marxist groups were engaged in demonstrations by gathering a few students with the intention of closing down the schools. The hypocrites were apparently opposed to this. Their ensuing explanation to the mass of students: «We are against this procedure because if the schools are closed and differences promoted it would be an anti-revolutionary act and in the interest of America. »But the real purpose was quite different. I will repeat the words of Sa 'id Manbari in this connection a man whom you may all know was one of those in charge of the students' body: «The acts of Marxists are leftist, for, if the schools are closed, our channel of activity and conversion will be closed An organization should take steps to close schools only when its position is secure. This indeed, is too early at the present. » One sees the contradiction between being against the revolution and furthering the interests of America-and its being too early to close the schools.

You observe here how the spirit of discord and hypocrisy which had its roots in all the view points and acts of the hypocrites manifested itself. They lied: «We say so to prevent a blow to the Revolution and stop the anti-revolutionaries from exploiting it». But the real aim was to prevent a blow to the interests of the Organization, saying that they would close the schools at the right time.

Remember that all this took place in 1979. The question which comes to mind is that if the hypocrites were really in favor of the unity of the people, freedom and struggle against imperialism, why, from the very first day of the Revolution, did they engage in creating discords, clashes differences and polarization between the forces? Can we consider this, struggling against imperialism? Again this question comes to mind: If your acts, your lines and methods are right, why are you afraid of declaring your objectives openly to the students? Why do you conceal your real purpose under various titles and headings?

It is clear what the fate of a group which seeks its life force and existence from the differences, opposition, clashes, and discords of others will be. Today we can easily understand this fact. At a time when the liberals and the traitor Bani-Sadr are set aside by the Revolution as dependent channels of imperialism, when the line of the Imam establishes its sovereignty over the Revolution, we see how the hypocrites, with all their so-called 'iron-clad' organization and political 'power' seek refuge in their masters. The result of all their efforts is that they were thrown into the garbage bin of history.


Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (19)