Prayer is unacceptable without pictures of MKO gang leader!

According to an inter-sectarian directive, which has been executed in the Rajavi’s cult fore 25 years, the cult members should pray in a place where several pictures of the cult leader are mounted.

As reported by Habilian Association (families of Iranian victims of terror) database, according to Hussein Robubi, a member of the Executive Board of MKO, after that he was appointed as an official for a terrorist base of MKO in Pakistan, immediately he was assigned to mount pictures of MKO leader (Masoud Rajavi) wherein the cult members say prayers.

According to news received, Hussein Robubi explains his action to implement the order of Rajavi in such states:  “When I came to Pakistan, I saw only two or three pictures of Rajavi was mounted in the database. This showed that how Mahmood was preventing from shining of the light of leadership. So, I demanded to send us the pictures, as much as possible.”

Reported by Habilian Association database, also two former members of the cult say: “Robubi recommended personnel to mount Rajavi’s photo in every room, also he rose at the meetings that, According to Rajavi, if a Mujahed say prayers in a room, where there are not leadership’s photos, so his prayer would be unacceptable.”