West contradictory positions; Rajavi’s truancy in Rome

The leader of the terrorist hypocrites visiting with the Italian Parliament in Rome, again with the sovereign Iraqi government to expel members of Rajavi cult, and closing the camp (Ashraf)of the new Iraq was rejected.

According to Al-Jazeera, the terrorist hypocrites opposed to the plan of a new location for camp (ashraf) and called for international support.

Maryam Rajavi , one of the ringleaders of the terrorist group claims ,this offering plan would lead to the residents of this camp would be attacked by Iraqi security forces; This terrorist leader once again to deceive public opinion passed away the responsibility of frenzy by group in last April, and killing some members of the Iraqi security forces to control the operation of the legal situation to the Iraqi forces .

Rajavi, who traveled to Rome for a meeting with the Italian MPs, claimed the United Nations must intervene to prevent a humanitarian disaster. She called for the establishment of permanent monitoring team with the support of the United States and Europe Union in Camp Ashraf to ensure the health of the members of hypocrites groups.

U.S. involvement in the recent proposed settlement of the hypocrites in the place where the Iraqi government is elected, Washington from 2009 until now Iraq's responsibility for the new camp (Ashraf) on the security agreement has been delivered to Baghdad.

However, the Iraqi government due to being consider as terrorist group try to close the camps until the end of 2011.

The new Iraqi government took over the security document of the new Iraqi camp (Ashraf) in early 2009 from U.S. troops and formed a special security force to protect the camp; about 3,466 member groups in the camp are in this camp.

Recently, the Iraqi government emphasized to withdraw members of this terrorist group from the territory by the end of year.

Camp Ashraf in Iraq's Diyala province, hold in itself about 3,500 members of the terrorist hypocrites. Terrorist hypocrites chose as in eighties, the Ashraf garrison in Diyala province (57 km North East of Baghdad) as its headquarters.

Terrorist hypocrites in addition to the terrorist acts against the Iranian nation, in cooperation with the former Baathist dictatorship and Al Qaeda committed lots of crimes against the Iraqi people too.