Iran: US Targeting Nations' Freedom through Terrorist Methods

A senior Iranian official on Sunday condemned Washington for resorting to different methods to intimidate the world nations, and described the US tactic as a "clear example of terrorism".

Speaking at a meeting with Algerian Presidential Advisor Kamal Razaq Bara here in Tehran on Sunday, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili said that Arabs use "Erhab" that means "intimidation" for terrorism, and the US uses its military, economic and media means to intimidate the nations.

"That is a clear example of terrorism," he added.

He added that Washington uses weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), sanctions, economic pressures and fabrication of facts through media and propaganda campaign in a bid to intimidate the world nations into giving up their confrontation against the United States' illogical and illegitimate demands, forcing them to avoid opposing the US policies.

"The US cannot claim that it is fighting against terrorism because it is the main suspect itself," Jalili added.